Llewellin’s has a fantastic team of staff spanning across all areas of the Company. We are fortunate enough to have highly skilled employees within our Office Personnel, Engineering and Maintenance Departments.

Michael Horlick

Chairman/Managing Director

Joining the Company in 1960, Michael is our longest serving member of the team. Michael has distinguished knowledge and experience and is an expert in his field.

Julia Quant

Managing Director

Julia has been with Llewellin’s for over 10 years now and oversees the running of the organisation. Julia and her Father Michael Horlick are passionate about the organisation, working together to take  Llewellin’s and its services into the future.

Jamie Meachin

Production Manager

Joining in 2016, Jamie is the newest addition to our team. Jamie has a wealth of engineering experience and knowledge who is integral to our Production Team.

Matthew Wilson

Works Manager

Matthew is the Works Manager in our Cutting and Grinding Department. Matthew works on and oversees all projects within the factory, whilst specialising in technical and precision gear cutting.

Paul Tranter

Works Manager

Paul is the Works Manager in the Company’s Fitting Department, and specialises in gearbox building and refurbishment. With 28 years’ experience, Paul’s knowledge and capability in this field is outstanding.

Aslam Ali

Inspector/Quality Manager

Aslam is the head of our Inspection/Quality Department. With over 35 years’ experience, Aslam ensures that Llewellin’s products meet the highest possible specification.

Joshua Quant

Maintenance Manager & Production Assistant

Joshua has worked at Llewellin’s for over 6 years. He works closely alongside his Grandfather Michael and Mother Julia, working across all areas of the Company, ensuring its smooth operation.

Pauline Bragg

Company Secretary

Pauline joined Llewellin’s in 1971 and manages the Accounts Department. Her knowledge and experience are second to none.