Llewellin’s Machine Company Ltd was founded in 1883 by Chartered Engineer, William Mayberly Llewellin. Before establishing itself as an engineering firm, the Company originally specialised in the manufacture of clocks and time recorders.

During the First World War, Llewellin’s was engaged in machining shell cases for the Ministry of Munitions. In 1927, the floor space was increased and the Company became incorporated, whereby its focus became the manufacture of gears. During the Second World War, tens of thousands of gears were produced for various ministries. These products ranged in size from small gears for aircraft and sighting equipment, to large worms and wheels for tank landing crafts.


Llewellin’s original office is a Georgian building of registered architectural and historical interest. It still remains our headquarters and is part of our office today, located at the top of King Square. The surrounding area of Stokes Croft is a thriving part of Bristol, enriched with art, music and culture. We are proud of our Company’s uniqueness and to be such an integral part of an innovative community.

We pride ourselves on being a small, family run business that has succeeded for so many years due to the dedication and commitment of its employees. Whilst Llewellin’s is constantly striving to embrace changes for the future, it will always retain its individuality and remember the foundations of its past.